21 July, 2019


Return to autumn, the championship is between 22 and 25 September.
Again, two parallel tests: valid for the WQS circuit (1 Star) World Cup and European Championship. 
Fred Robin, Reunion Islands, wins European test, and the championship WQS Eneko Acero in the first final “men to men” held in Pantín over Frenchman Boris Le Texier. Eneko is the first Spanish surfer on a test that overcomes the world circuit.

Following the cancellation of that year Pukas Pro, the Pantín Classic becomes the only evidence of the WQS circuit held in Spain. 
The British news agency W.N.T. recorded with their cameras test images distributed over 300 TV channels worldwide.

The South African-ferrolano Paul Canning, Balis, Balis, participating for the first time in Pantín. This year the project “Environmental Mana Beach Pantín” is drawn.