30 July, 2019


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The championship maintains its 4 stars, which is undoubtedly the year of the stars: Joel Parkinson, Bruce Irons, CJ Hoodgood, the Malloy brothers, Andy McDonald, Yuri Sodre, Shane Powell, Paul Canning Flavio Padaratz, Mark Bannister, Greg Emslie, Nicky Wood, … raising the level of the participants and the competition to where it had never been in Pantin. A total of 160 surfers from 15 countries, 56 of them Australians. 
The waves also accompanied. In a final luxury, was imposed on all Australian Joel Parkinson that year junior world champion in Hawaii was proclaimed and vanquish the top-44 in championship-Jeffreys Bay.


Joel Parkinson
Joel Parkinson on the podium

These days it is celebrated the first of the tests that make up this year’s 2013 World Tour. The year begins with Joel Parkinson as World Champion, which seems to maintain the excellent form that concluded 2012 This year, so far, has been defeated in the first round of the circuit in which it has participated. 4 stars Merewether.

His victory in 2012 was specially held at the Ocean Surf Club. Joel Parkinson is the first World Champion who has made victory in Pantín. And passing through our beach, in 1999, speaks Vicente Irisarri, president of the club during its first 18 years of history, that this entry joins the writing team of Ocean Surf Club blog.

I have a very vivid memory championship Pantín 1999. Could rewrite on now with different words, but by its effect rather transcribed, almost literally, a few paragraphs of chronic we prepare for the magazine Pantín Classic of the year following.

“Each edition of the Pantín Classic has its own history. If 1991 and 1998, for example, is characterized by its huge waves, 1999 was the year of the meteor shower. It is true that had passed Pantín world champions Tom Curren, Occy or Damien Hardman, but the involvement of leading figures of last year surpassed all the above and overflowed our forecasts.

Up to eight Top-44 of the time, led by the great Shane Powell. Others who had ceased to be,  as Nicky Wood and Tony Ray, a specialist in this giant waves as Paul Patterson that accompanied it. Also six other surfers competed the following year would enter the WCT circuit, led by Flavio Padaratz, Paul Canning, Yuri Sodre and Russell Winter. Also participated European champions Eneko Acero, along with other former champions as Joca Pantín Junior, Seth Hulley and Sean Holmes. Rising Stars,  innovative Hawaiian surf star as Bruce Irons and California fashion as Dan and Keith Malloy … and up to 150 surfers from 15 countries.

Well, all of them passed by the new Australian Idol, the young Joel Parkinson. Parko, a couple of months before defeating the Top-44 in full in Jeffrey’s Bay and two months later would proclaim the Pantín Classic in Hawaii junior world champion. At Pantín demonstrated why of his successes. Joel Parkinson wonderfully combines the most innovative surf with classic maneuvers. It is strange to see him in the same wave one bottom of fable and an amazing air but also Parko has that special gift of being in tune with the ocean, an instinct that makes you knowledgeable about the pace, size and position where the best incoming waves. Reads sea like few others. We realized from the first heat and we saw six others, plus the final. Delightful.  Sarge-famous journalist told us, that since the advent of Occy, Parko has been the most impressive surfer that has emerged from the inexhaustible quarry and fantastic Australian said. He’s 19 and is intended to be, one day, a world champion. “

So with this omen, finishes the article. Finally, and fortunately met for the surf for the entire planet, as Parko enjoys unanimous appreciation. Amply deserved the title. In the thirteen years since then, he has been runner-up four times and three times winner of the Hawaiian Triple Crown. This year was not only the most consistent surfer but his win at the Pipeline Masters put a finishing touch to your season.

This also corroborates end a few months ago said Aitor Agirremota, the most prestigious of our international judges, when he said that “to be someone in the world of surfing before Pantín have to go through.” Indeed, three years ago we did the same prognosis for two other young stars who visited the Hawaiian John John Florence and Brazilian Gabriel Medina, but they did not win the Pantin Classic, Parko other.

-V. Irisarri

source: El blog del Océano Surf Club