30 July, 2019


After the year of stars arrives the crisis . The tournament goes from 4 to 2 stars.
As a new first celebration of the WQS circuit valid for the category of women’s championship with one star. Nevertheless, Pantín remains the only Spanish test on the WQS circuit.
The amount of male competition prize is $ 20,000 and $ 3,000 in women.
The winners are the Australian Sunny Russell and the French Marie-Pierre Abgrall.

Música, surf, medio ambiente (Music, surf and the environment:)– Fifteenth program 10.07.12 (spanish)

Come on girls! Shania Twain shouting “let’s go girls” the new century brings Pantín its first female international event. Finally the surfers start their way to reach the place they deserve. The men’s champion, Sunny Rusell and shares his role with the French Marie Pierre Abgrall, making history in the Pantín Classic proclaimed winner of the first test.