30 July, 2019



25 years of history, 25 editions held uninterruptedly.
The celebrations marked the 25th anniversary edition of 2012. In that year the Xunta de Galicia grants the Ocean Surf Club the “Distinction Sports Merit” in recognition of the work done in favor of surfing in Galicia, and especially organizing the Pantín Classic during their first 20 editions. In early 2013 the Pantín Classic received the gold medal of the city of Ferrol.

A new edition of the book published on the championship, collecting their 25-year history. And in the event, and conditions exceptional sea, the final held for 25 years, with Jorge Imbert, Fernando Adarraga and Balbino Irisarri in the water, which then would join other participants in the edition of that year he repeated.

In the women’s competition with a 6 star category, the Californian Sage Erickson would win in the end to Alizee Arnaud, thereby achieving qualification for CT him the following year.
In the men’s race, Marlon Lipke repeating the title won in 2007, thus adding to the select list of two-time winners in Pantín.