3 September, 2020


The commitment of the assistance, workers and competitors with the health regulations is noteworthy.

The event ends consolidated as a referent.

Pantín has once again hosted the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020. The historic event celebrated its 33rd edition during a week where the sun and waves did not leave the beach of Pantín, Valdoviño.
And this has been its most special edition, being one of the first sporting events with audience on-site within the new era we are in. Without a doubt, it is positioned as a role model for future events.
Attendees were able to enjoy the best surfing on the Galician coast with performances such as those of the champions, the Portuguese surfers Teresa Bonvalot and Vasco Ribeiro.
Likewise, surfers of the level of Aritz Aranburu, Joan Durú, Maud Le Car, Gony Zubizarreta, Pauline Ado, Maxime Huscenot and Yolanda Hopkins did not miss the test, leaving behind some of the best performances of the event.
Besides, a novelty this year was the celebration of ABANCA ADAPTIVE SURFING, which brought together the best 12 European surfers in their category. These athletes showed that with improvement, commitment and determination, you can enjoy sport, and especially surfing, regardless of the circumstances.
And it has been they, the competitors of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020 who have set an example of commitment to the event, demonstrating that with responsibility it is possible to practice sport safely.
All surfers had to wear a mask until entering the water to compete, and they had to put it back on when exiting.
Only 4 surfers could access the restricted area for athletes at the same time, thus minimizing risks and offering them a controlled and safe area.
In fact, they have shared in their networks that they are proud to have been part of this event after the long break due to confinement, enjoying the Pantín wave and feeling safe at all times.
Attendees made a prior registration to access the facilities, after which they were sent an identifying QR code, in this way the capacity could be controlled at all times. The system, in turn, allowed that, in the event of a possible outbreak, it could be track among attendees efficiently, quickly and safely.
The Council of Valdoviño was even supported in the control of capacity with drones of the hill of Pantín and the beach thanks to the collaboration with Aeromedia.
Temperature controls were carried out at the entrance and the use of a mask and hand disinfection was mandatory, as well as proceeding with the constant disinfection of all areas of the event after each use.
Likewise, those involved in the event, technical staff, organization and other workers, were performed serological tests that guaranteed the safety of the event staff and in turn the attending public.
As a final touch to the summer, the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020 ended up being, another year, a great success. The organization appreciates the commitment and individual responsibility of all attendees, competitors and workers, whose exemplary behaviour helped to carry out this event in the circumstances we are currently living.