4 September, 2019

Advanced technology for Telemetry at ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro

The ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro is more than just a sporting event. Around the event, there are different scenarios linked to music, leisure and ecology. 

However, it is necessary to review the contribution of the Technological Institute of Galicia, official technological partner of the competition, has implemented for the appointment of Pantín (Valdoviño, Ferrolterra, province of A Coruña) the necessary technology for the first time, surfers will carry a device integrated in lycra that facilitates the organization and that allows measuring different parameters during its participation. 

They are using the new version of Flythings® technology developed by ITG analyzes 180 parameters per second in a fully automated way and provides valuable information for the public, the athlete, the judges and the organization of the championship.

What is FlyThings®?

It is the telemetry solution for surf and professional sports developed by the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG). It allows measuring in real-time values related to the effort, ability and skill of the athlete during the competition. 

It consists of a hardware device integrated into the lycra that provides the organization to all surfers. It weighs 90 grams and dimensions of 10x5cm, and it contains different sensors that communicate with software that represents on the television signal on the championship the values reached by the athlete in each of his maneuvers. 

What does FlyThings® measure? 

Objective data in real-time that allow comparing the performance of each participant: 

– the surfer’s speed (instantaneous, average and maximum)

– the distance travelled (instantaneous and total) 

– the force G with which each turn or maneuver is performed 

– the speed of rotation with which each turn or maneuver is performed 

– the number of surfed waves and 

– the number of maneuvers performed 

About ITG 

The Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG) is a private non-profit foundation that since 1991 aims to improve the competitive capacity of companies, organizations and professionals through I+D+i and differential technology. Officially recognized as the National Technology Center, its General Director, Carlos Calvo, presides over the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers of Spain (FEDIT) since 2015.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Bigdata, Industry 4.0, unmanned intelligent systems, Augmented Reality or Artificial Intelligence are ITG’s work tools in the industrial, energy, water cycle and building sectors, where it is the certifying body in Spain of the BREEAM® international sustainable building label, and official partner of the WELL ™ international building health label.