8 August, 2019

Battling for Wildcards, Doniños Trials

  • Trials will take place on August 26th (starting at 9.00 am) and will provide  Wildcards to winners. These means that four athletes will gettheir pass to compete at the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro. 
  • Pantin Classic presents the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro, organized by Club Praia de Pantín.

Doniños Beach (Ferrolterra region; A Coruña province) will be the best scenario for the Doniños Trials celebration, organized by Club Praia de Pantín on August 26th (9.00 am).

It is not a minor prize the one given at Doniños, four ‘wildcards’ will grant winners access to the ABANCA Classic Surf Pro Event. 

A wildcard has been awarded to Gony Zubizarreta- best Galician surfer-, so he´s got already a place at the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro. But there is still one Wildcard left for the Mens QS/10.000 and it will be disputed between 8 participants: Jonathan González; Martín Cortijo; Miguel Pérez Moneo; Juan Fernández, Andy Criere; Luis Díaz, Hodei Collazo y Marlon Lipke. 

Furthermore, eight  women will struggle for a spot into the main event. Isabel Gundin, Ariane Ochoa, Ainara Aymat, Melania Suárez, Janire González  have been the chosen ones along with Lucía Martíño, Yolanda Rodríguez and Martina Álvarez. 

WLC/6.000 MEN, participants will be JJ Cabrera; Joel Rodríguez; Alberto de Mario; Alberto Fernández; Nicolás García; Iago Formosel; Jesús Busto and Pablo Solloso. Regarding the Women´s Longboard division: María Lafuente, Yumey Rodríguez, Esther Capelo, Marta Berenguer, Miriam Mir and Carlota Eguiguren have already confirmed their assistance. At this point, there are two more spots left to be confirmed. 

Therefore, winners will be awarded with a spot  at the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro in Pantín Beach from August 28th until September 7th. It´s worth mentioning that in this 2019 edition the event includes not just a Men´s QS/10.000 but also a Women´s QS/10.000 and a World Longboard Champioship.

Event manager Marcos Rodriguez, from Club Praia de Pantín, explains “participants have been selected due to their latest results and sports career. We know that there are lot of athletes aiming for a spot at the trials that is why we are planning to rotate in the following editions”

“Marlon Lipke has been invited this year not only because of its close relationship with the Pantín Surf Contest but also because he´s won it several times. As well as other surfers, Jonathan González and Melania Suárez from the Canary Islands have been invited because of their career projection”. Accordingly, Marcos Rodriguez remarked that Gony Zubizarreta has already been awarded with a Wildcard because he has gained a reputation all through the years becoming, so far, the best Galician surfer. 

Likewise, Marcos Rodríguez mentioned that “trials are a novelty in Surf and Longboard divisions. It is the first time trials are celebrated and we plan to continue in future editions. This way, spanish surf athletes have the chance to participate in an event included in the  World Surf League (WSL) Calendar.”

Regarding the location, “Doniños meets the requirements to celebrate the Surf and Longboard Contest. It should also be highlighted the support given from Concello de Ferrol in terms of organization and the good and healthy relationship established with Concello de Valdoviño”.