• Carolina Mendes and Adur Amatriain make history at Pantín.
  • Melania Suárez and Joan Durú, runners-up.

This last day of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2021 has had its own names and they are Carolina Mendes and Adur Amatriain, who have shown that the new generations of athletes have been going strong.

The Portuguese surfer Carolina Mendes stood up to the Canarian Melania Suárez and was proclaimed champion of the World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series event in an impressive final. Both competitors gave their best in a very close final in which the Portuguese finally won with a total of 8.17 points, over 8.00 points for the Canary Islands.

For her part, Carolina Mendes commented how happy she is to have achieved victory in this historic event, and that, although the wave conditions during the event have been complicated, at the end of her series they were on her side which allowed her to overtake the canary.

After the women’s final it was the men’s turn, who faced the Basque surfer Adur Amatriain and the French Joan Durú. Both competitors complete a great championship, where they have been excelling in their series with very good scores. Finally, it was the Basque who prevailed in this final with a total score of 13.23 points.

The Basque surfer, one of the youngest in the competition, declared that he has enjoyed an incredible week in Pantín, this being the first time he has competed in this event. He added that he did not bring expectations since he faced high-level surfers, but that he is very happy with his result and that this victory has motivated him to continue competing.

After the dispute of the finals, the corresponding awards ceremony was held, an event attended by Nava Castro, Director of the Galician Tourism Agency, Cristina Capelán,, Deputy for Sports of the A Coruña Provincial Council, Manuel Heredia, Director of Commerce and Consumption of the Xunta de Galicia, Gerardo Fuertes, Territorial Director of A Coruña of ABANCA, Rafa Montero, Director of Zone of ABANCA, Antonio Cortés, Director of CSR of Gadisa, Jaime Perozo, sports sponsorships of Estrella Galicia, Dr. Idoya SanLuis Fernández and the physiotherapist Alex Dios, representatives of Vithas, and Alberto González, Mayor of Valdoviño.

Not only the champions will become part of the history of this event, the Basque surfer Ariane Ochoa, together with Joan Durú, obtained the two best waves of the event and the Cabreiroá Best Wave award. The Basque surfer achieved a great 9 out of 10 points in her first wave of the championship and the French surfer achieved the best wave of the championship in the final dispute, with an incredible 9.33 out of 10 points.

The winners will not only become part of the history of this mythical event in its 34th edition, but they will also be part of the Estrella Galicia Champions Forest, which, as its representative, Jaime Perozo, described to us, is its most special activation, which tries to take an indigenous tree that symbolizes the victory of the winners and plant it in the vicinity of the event, too, year after year, form a true Forest of Champions that contributes to reforestation and to reduce the CO2 footprint on Earth.

The 34th edition of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2021 close its doors to an event that has been much more than surfing, it has been full of parallel activities such as different colloquia, workshops, projection of feature films, beach cleaning and concerts. And it has been proven one more year than Galicia, and Pantín continues to be the European capital of surfing.

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