Eco-Logic Space: Several small actions, in search of real change

The Eco-Logic Space within the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro has programmed different activities that contribute to the awareness of environmental protection and sustainability. The initiative is supported by Cabreiroá and the Good Karma company.

Within the program of events, the Round Table was held with the motto “Think global, act locally. Sustainability begins locally”, which was attended by the director of the surfing event, Miguel Galeiras; the founder of Coge3, Óscar García, and Xan Silvar, President of Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural.

During the debate, ideas were shared on how the way of thinking and acting have changed in recent years and how Ferrol’s environment has been affected, and especially the dunes of the beach of Pantín.

In that sense, the three participants at the table agreed that in the past there was no thought of taking care of the dunes or finding ways to reduce the environmental impact, but that at present, specific actions are being developed in this orientation. 

Another conclusión was that beyond the support of administrations and companies, a change in education is necessary and the best way to achieve this is through example. 

Besides, there was an exhibition of the commitment of ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro with the reduction of environmental impact, taking a tour of the last 8 years. Miguel Galeiras explained that from the organization they are aware that “it is long-term job”, but they are proud “with the advances of the current edition such as the use of biodegradable glasses, printing on Wood (reusable), glass bottles, clothes made from recycled materials, etc.”

“These actions could not have been carried out without the collaboration of companies such as Estrella Galicia and Cabreiroá”, he said. 

As the closing of the Round Table, the final reflection was that any action, however small, counts and contributes a lot, so we must continue in this direction with the same illusion for change.

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