7 September, 2019

High speed in telecomunications thanks to Intermax Technology

The ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro telecommunication would not have been able to opérate at the level displayed if it was not for the good service offered by the company Intermax Technology, official collaborator of the Galician event.

Intermax Technology is a telecommunications operator with its wireless network, the leader in Galicia. Created in January 2008 to cover Access to the new era of high-performance digital information and communication, for all people and businesses residing in disadvantaged areas, such as rural and urban peripheral areas.

The company’s vocation is to eliminate the existing digital division, providing advanced telephony, video surveillance, VoiP (voice over IP), televisión and radio, data transmission and Internet Access services, through broadband with professional wireless technology, with speeds ranging from 2 Mbps basic to 100 Mbps necessary to meet specific customer needs.