6 September, 2019

Miguel Tudela: “Telemetry can help us improving our surfing”

The Peruvian rider Miguel Tudela, who has participated in the men’s WS/10,000 within the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro, has been one of those who has collaborated with the organization, allowing the placement of a chip in the lycra with which he competed, to be able to measure telemetry data during one of his tests in real-time.

For Tudela, the application of this data can bring “very positive results”.”For now, knowing the speed of strength with which we compete, having numerical data in that sense, can help us improve in training”, he said.

“In the end, although in the competition they do not have a value in the final result, being able to analyze the aspects in which we can improve, will help us improve our surfing,” he said.

The Peruvian competitor made an interesting reflection since he considers that “the handling of telemetry data as a parameter for the judges in the competition, can add objective value to the scores”.

It is necessary to review the contribution of the Technological Institute of Galicia, official technological partner of the competition, has implemented for the appointment of Pantín (Valdoviño, Ferrolterra, province of A Coruña) the necessary technology so that for the first time, surfers carry an integrated device in lycra that facilitates the organization and that allows measuring different parameters during its participation. 

They are using the new version of Flythings® technology developed by ITG, which analyzes 180 parameters per second in a fully automated way and provides valuable information for the public, the athlete, the judges and the organization of the championship.