Janire González-Etxabarri defeated Germany’s Camilla Kemp in the final, while Huscenot, in the top 44, overcame his compatriot Charly Quivront.

September 3, Valdoviño (A Coruña).- Maxime Huscenot, a French surfer from Réunion Island, was crowned the champion of the 36th edition of the Abanca Pantin Classic Galicia Pro on Sunday, confirming with his elegance and skill why he is one of the world’s best surfers, against his compatriot Charly Quivront, who tried until the end and was the first to congratulate him on the shore and lift him on his shoulders.

It was an emotional evening on the O Rodo beach in Ariño (Pantin), under an unexpected sun that encouraged hundreds of people to come to the small surf town of Pantin, the only WSL championship event in Spain.

“Surfing is a very tough sport, and every victory is incredible,” celebrated Huscenot, who received his prize from Vice President Diego Calvo and thanked the event’s sportsmanship and the great work of the organization.

Janire González, on the other hand, wanted to share her victory with her team and her supporters “from day to day,” who were waiting for her on the sand with the ikurriña, the Basque flag. “What better place than Galicia and Pantin,” she proclaimed.

Alberto González, the mayor of Valdoviño, presented her with the award, along with Ferrol’s mayor, José Manuel Rey Varela, who was also present at the awards ceremony, along with other authorities and sponsors like Abanca, Estrella, and Vithas, and the event director, Yago Barreto.

The finalists, runners-up, and third-place finishers sprayed Estrella Galicia beer on their fellow competitors and the applauding audience, demonstrating the camaraderie and sportsmanship that reigns at the event, which champions gender equality by equalizing prizes in the men’s and women’s categories (around 30,000 euros in total).

After the awards ceremony, there was a raffle for gifts, including two surfboards courtesy of La Roche Posay, which provided the perfect ending to the event that began early with the baptism of surf for several Baxi Ferrol players, who traded baskets for boards and the ball for wetsuits to try their luck in the waves.

Women’s Final
Janire González-Etxebarri, a surfer from Zumaia (Guipúzcoa), entered the lineup determined and combative from the first minute. The waves were long and highly maneuverable for both competitors, with key moments like the wave that made the difference and earned the Basque surfer the points that secured her victory.

Men’s Final
It was a nail-biting final between the two French surfers Charly Quivront and Maxime Huscenot, with a new swell changing the conditions, giving Huscenot a stronger start. Quivront struggled to find good waves at the beginning of the heat but continued to fight until the final horn.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough, and Maxime Huscenot, among the top 44 surfers in the world, claimed the first place and the overall victory.

Women’s Semifinals
In the first heat of the women’s semifinals, French surfer María-Hina Conradi faced off against German surfer Camilla Kemp. The outgoing tide produced fun and maneuverable right-hand waves. María-Hina dominated the entire heat until the last wave, where Camilla turned the tables with the final horn, securing her place in the grand final.

The second heat featured Spanish surfer Janire González-Etxabarri against French surfer Tessa Thyssen, with slightly different conditions than the previous heat. They opted for left-hand waves, which offered more potential but were shorter.

Both surfers faced strong winds in a closely contested heat that would ultimately tip in favor of the Zumaia surfer, earning her a spot in the final.

Men’s Semifinals
In the men’s division, French surfer Maxime Huscenot competed against Spanish surfer Yago Domínguez. It was a tough heat for the young surfer from Sopelana against an elite world member like Huscenot, who demonstrated his experience in competition.

The second heat featured Portuguese surfer Joaquim Chaves against French surfer Charly Quivront in a slower heat where the Frenchman gradually accumulated points, reducing the Portuguese surfer’s chances and securing his place in the final.

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