Razo beach: junior capital of European surfing

Four days of competition at the highest level to crown the best under 21 surfer on Sunday

‘We have planted a seed in Razo that will be consolidated in the WSL circuit’

Razo, A Coruña, September 21.- This morning the official presentation of the Cabreiroá June Pro Razo-Caion took place at the foot of Razo beach (Carballo), an event of the World Surf League (WSL) that represents the most important for young European surfers for two reasons: it is the only stop in Spain and closing of the circuit in Europe where the junior champions in the men’s and women’s categories are crowned, and the last opportunity to qualify for the world series.
The WSL competition is held for the first time in A Costa da Morte, which aspires to become a World Surfing Reserve thanks to the NGO Save The Waves Coalition, with the promotion of the Provincial Council of A Coruña and the Axencia de Galician Tourism. Ahead, the 150 kids (96 boys and 39 girls) have four days of competition (from September 20 to 24) at the highest level with excellent sea conditions – long, constant and maneuverable waves – in the best showcase for the tourism promotion of the region, in an event that goes beyond surfing and is broadcast live to the entire planet through the website www.classicsurfpro.com

The Galician surfer Gony Zubizarreta served as master of ceremonies today from Razo beach, ‘which I have been very fond of since I came for the first time when I was 11 years old,’ he confessed, together with the event director Yago Barreto.

‘This is the second of the WSL to be held in Spain, after Pantín (Valdoviño)’, he stressed, to focus on Galicia, on the A Coruña coast as a reference for surfing in the State. ‘It would not be possible without this synergy that we have created between Public Administrations, private sponsors and the Pantin Beach Club, together with the sponsors,’ he proclaimed.

Barreto thanked ‘the special involvement’ of

“It has taken time but I am sure that this seed in Razo will be consolidated and will be a reference in the WSL as Pantín already is,” added Barreto. At his side, Rob Gunning, representative of the WSL, who highlighted the ‘importance of an event that is the last on the calendar and where the European champions will be crowned’.

Also participating in the official presentation were Gonzalo Trenor, delegate of the Xunta, the mayor of Carballo, Evencio Ferrero, who served as host; ‘On the sidewalks we have in Razo,’ joked the councilor, along with his councilor and vice president of the Coruña Provincial Council, Xosé Regueira, and Koke Araujo, from the Galician Surf Federation.

‘That Razo is the capital of surfing is important and is a focus of attraction to discover this corner of Galicia and its excellent conditions for the sport,’ said the delegate of the Galician Government. He pointed out that public administrations cannot be on the sidelines of an event that is egalitarian, promotes sport from the base and highlights the potential and wealth of the region.

Finally, from the organization, they especially thanked the role and support ‘for many years’ of Hijos de Rivera (Estrella Galicia and Cabreiroá), represented by Manuel Eiroa, in addition to Gadis, who was present with his communications director, José Luis Fernández Astray, Vithas, Jael Jewelry and Intermax.

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