• Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot and Vasco Ribeiro make history at Pantín.

  • Great conditions in the final day of a historic event.

The last day of ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020 had its own names and Portuguese accents: Teresa Bonvalot and Vasco Ribeiro.

The Portuguese surfer Teresa Bonvalot stood up to the French Pauline Ado and was proclaimed champion of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020 in an impressive final, worthy of the level shown throughout the event. Both competitors gave their best in a final in which the Portuguese finished leading with a great wave of 7.50 points out of 10.

Teresa Bonvalot gave her best and was victorious on a day when the waves have not left Pantín. She commented that she had already touched victory in the Galician event once and that this was her moment to triumph, taking advantage of the fact that, in her own words “this is one of the best events in which I have been able to participate in recent times, it has been a pleasure surfing in Pantín feeling safe ”.

After the women’s finale, it was the men’s turn, who faced the surfers Aritz Aranburu and Vasco Ribeiro. Both competitors complete an impressive championship, where they have been spotlighting from the beginning.

Finally, it was the Portuguese Vasco Riberio who lead in this final, chaining waves with good scores that propelled him to victory. The Portuguese surfer told us how he was willing to win the competition since the attitude is decisive. At the same time, he praised the great wave conditions that have occurred during this week and that has allowed him to show his best surfing.

After the championship, the corresponding award ceremony was carried out. Event attended by Alberto González, mayor of Valdoviño, Raúl Rodríguez, representing ABANCA, Jaime Perozo, Estrella Galicia sports sponsorships, Daniel Rey, representing Kia Corgal Automobiles, Antonio Cortés, CSR director of Gadisa, Beatriz Villaverde, from Vithas, Fátima Doñoro, Marketing Director Tag Heurer and Nava Castro.

The winners will also be part of the Estrella Galicia Champions’ Forest, which, as its representative Jaime Perozo described to us, is an initiative that tries to take an indigenous tree that symbolizes the winners’ victory and plant it around the event’s   so that, year after year, it will form a Champion’s Forest.

Masks, limited capacity, together with all the relevant protocols and has characterized the 33rd edition of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO 2020. This year’s edition will undoubtedly go down in history because even with the sanitary measures it has not lost its essence and has been the most Classic Pantín Classic.

The organization thanks all the athletes, attendees, residents of Valdoviño and collaborators for their exemplary performance in what has been one of the first sporting events with an audience within the new normal. Pantín closes the day being an example of commitment and responsibility in this new era that we have had to live.

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