16 July, 2022


  • In its 35th edition, the event places Galicia on the world map.
  • “From Parque Ferrol we are proud to support our region by sponsoring this world event”. 

The 35th anniversary of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO has come with a variety of innovations, including the arrival of a stand run by Parque Ferrol, hosting a tie-dye workshop.
This international event is year after year a great economic boost for the whole county of Ferrolterra, and the local company has not hesitated to support this new edition. “We are proud to sponsor the 35th anniversary of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO, as a local company we are committed to supporting our county, and this event represents a great opportunity to do so,” expressed the institution.
With each edition, Pantín beach welcomes surfers and tourists from all over the world and, from Parque Ferrol “we are committed to promoting the development of such events, which positions the Galician coast and the region on the world map, in tandem with acting as a claim for sport, tourism and leisure,” added from the institution.
Through the stand installed at the event venue, they seek to reinforce the link between sport and leisure, offering a tie-dye workshop available to all those who attend the event, where they can make a fully customized t-shirt or tote bag. “The activation we developed has been a great success, with more than 100 T-shirts made daily.”
All day today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday, this innovative workshop will remain open at the 35th anniversary of the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO.