16 July, 2022


  • The designer from Valdoviño, Ana Pena signs the clothing collection for this 35th anniversary.
  • This new collection represents the event’s commitment to sustainability and the synergy between Abanca and Ecolife Yarns by Belda Llorens.

The ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO celebrates its 35th anniversary with a new and exclusive clothing collection that projects the philosophy of the event: the utmost respect for the environment.
Betting on fluor colors and eighties-inspired prints, the designer Ana Pena, from Valdoviño, explains the process of inspiration, design, and creation of this new clothing collection that celebrates 35 years of the longest surfing event in Europe. “I grew up with the Pantín Classic since I was a little girl, and I’ve seen its evolution. Last year I was given the opportunity to design the collection, I was brave, I did it, and this year we are repeating for the 35th anniversary,” she said.
Since its beginnings, this event has bet on the locals, giving the opportunity to gain greater visibility to local businesses and artists. “It has always been a great support for the whole region. With the collection, we wanted to honor what Pantín represents for all of us.”
“Everyone recognizes the skyline of New York and Paris, this year we were inspired by the Pantín beach skyline: the harmony of the mountains, the sand, and the waves. We wanted to draw inspiration from its beginnings in the 80s, so we used very bright and flashy colors, even psychedelic”. In this way, the artist described one of the main ideas that inspired this new collection.
Just as the ABANCA PANTÍN CLASSIC GALICIA PRO is committed to the locals, it also promotes respect for the environment. Thus, the collection is made from the synergy between Abanca and Ecolife Yarns by Belda Llorens. This brand from Alicante, which specialized in the manufacture of yarns, produces yarns from recycled polyester. “The color of the yarn is given by the color of the materials that have been recycled to create it”.
This reaffirms the commitment of this event to sustainability, since not only the collection is made from recycled materials, but “everything that influences the creation of clothing, its storage and transportation are done in an environmentally responsible way”.
The entire collection is available at the official ABANCA store installed at the event venue, open during all competition days.