6 February, 2020

The ocean woke right up at Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas 2020

Justin Becret and Jonathan González tie with the top wave with 8,83 points.
The activities from the Cabreiroá Eco-Logic starts tomorrow.

After the men’s call was postponed waiting for better waves to come, the Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas returns heavier in the last heats from the third and fourth round.
But the waiting was worthy of, as we could see explosive performances like the ones from the French crew, Thomas DebierreMaxime Huscenot and Gaspard Larsonneur, what granted their presence on the fifth round. Besides, the surfers have taken advantage of the free time to get poised in Vithas’ facilities, official medical support of the event, according to the doctor in charge, Dr Paula Suárez. 
The Canarian athletes spotlighted today as well, especially Jonathan González who tied with Frenchman Justin Becret, earning the same score for the best wave of the day, with 8,83 points. Island surfers Yael Peña and Luis Díaz also stood out, as they advanced into the fifth round of Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas 2020. 
On the other hand, Timothée Bisso, winner of last’s year edition, did not manage to pass the round, but he offered a heavy performance at Las Américas beach. 
Still running alive on the competition: Bitor Garitaonandia (SPAIN), Dorian Gomez (FRANCE), Tiago Carrique (FRANCE), Lenni Jensen (GERMANY), Jose Gundensen (ARGENTINA), Renan Grainville (FRANCE), Arne Bergwinkl (GERMANY), Pedro Henrique (PORTUGAL) y Ruben Vitoria (SPAIN). 

The Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas is not only a surf event, during the weekend from Friday, but February 7 to Sunday, 9, a variety of activities will also be held from talks to workshops and beach cleanings from Cabreiroá Eco-Logic project. 
Tomorrow, February 7, the activities begin at 4:00 p.m. with a workshop where you can learn how to repair a surfboard, followed by a talk in which great talents of female surfing and bodyboarding will be announced. In the end, a skate surfing workshop will begin for the little ones.
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