6 September, 2019

The round of sixteen of the men’s QS/10,000 starts at the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro

• The matches ‘men to men’ begin, once the four remaining tests from the fourth round were played during the morning session. 

The men’s QS/10,000 of the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro continues to advance. After the dispute of the four remaining tests to finish the fourth round, the competition has reached the round of sixteen, that will take place in the afternoon session. 

The pairings, which will be played ‘men to men’ format, are as follows: Timothee Bisso (France) – Jadson Andre (Brazil); Jesse Mendes (Brazil) – Matt Baning (Australia); Jake Marshall (United States) – Frederico Morais (Portugal); Caleb Tancred (Australia) – Deivid Silva (Brazil); Matthew McGillivray (South Africa) – Jack Robinson (Australia); Morgan Cibilic (Australia) – Alex Ribeiro (Brazil); Miguel Pupo (Brazil) – Charly Martin (France) y Momme Mignot (France) – Samuel Pupo (Brazil).

With regards to the eliminations of the fourth round, the two most significant are those of the Costa Rican Carlos Muñoz (14th in the QS) and the Australian Liam O’Brien (10th in the QS). 

ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro counts with the collaboration of Xunta de Galicia (Turismo de Galicia, Xacobeo 2021, Deporte Galego, Galicia Calidade, Secretaria Xeral de Igualdade, Conselleria de Medioambiente), Diputacion de A Coruña, Ayuntamiento de Ferrol, Ayuntamiento de Valdoviño, Sociedad Mixta de Turismo de Ferrol, Costa das Ondas y Federación Galega de Surf; así como las firmas ABANCA, ESTRELLA GALICIA, CABREIROA, HOSPITAL QUIRON, INTERMAX, VOLKSWAGEN YAÑEZ, TAGHEUER, JOYERIA JAEL, SIROKO,GADIS, GAM, ITG Y VAZVA.