The sea challenges the Juniors in the fight for the European crown

September 21, Razo, Carballo (A Coruña). The first day of WSL competition for the CABREIROÁ JUNIOR PRO RAZO-CAIÓN was challenging due to the sea conditions, but it provided spectacular moments that captivated the audience.

The day began with the round of 96 for the male competitors, facing large waves and strong west winds, setting the pace for the championship, which was significantly influenced by these conditions.

With the high tide, the surfers encountered favorable conditions with short rights and very long lefts. As the tide went down, the power of the waves increased, leading to some spectacular tube rides.

Hans Odriozola showcased his skill and finished first in his heat, drawing on his experience in high-level competitions despite his young age.

Notable performances also came from the French surfer Noa Dupouy, the Basque surfer Iker Trigueros, the German surfer Tim Elter, and the Canary Islands surfer Moisés Domínguez.

The excitement continued in the round of 64, where the wildcard from the Galician Surf Federation and Deporte Galego, Manuel Fernández from A Coruña, managed to advance to the round of 32 with an impeccable performance in powerful left-hand waves, expertly riding against the break.

Tomorrow, on Friday, Razo Sound begins at 19:00 with musical performances by Avocado Dj, Superfuzz, and Praia Desmaio.

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