The Stage

The Stage

¿Why Pantín?

The Praia de Pantín Club decided to organize a surfing championship in this beach, due to its orientation. The O Rodo beach in Pantín, together with Campelo, is the Ferrolterra arena where the waves enter in a more direct way, and therefore it’s the beach with the largest waves.


The orography of this stretch of coast allows in the vertical cliffs seem to pick up the beach creating a closed cove. So all the energy transported by the waves to be concentrated in its breakers, even the days when it is minimal. For that reason, it’s the beach with more chaces of having the biggest waves, a very important factor especially when there is little sea.

On the other hand, and despite being the beach in which the sea enters with more force, Pantín is the sandy area of the whole region that endures larger in an orderly way, eventhough there they are breaking surf waves of 5 meters.

Pantín's waves

The current channel to the right of the beach allows to access the breaking area quickly and safely.

Its orientation is also the best for the prevailing winds in the area, it’s the beach with the best supports the winds of the northwest that disrupt the waves considerably in the rest of the beaches.

The shape and slope of its sea bottom offers good waves, with at low tide and high at almost the same peak.

The beach has  two very close quality peaks and that has allowed the championship to be saved on several times.

Also it's important the provision of the Outeiro, which creates a natural grandstand close enough to the sea, so that a good number of supporters can watch the championship.