12 February, 2020

Vithas attended 139 surfers during the Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas 2020

The Spanish health group of reference installed an advanced medical post on the beach of Las Américas as official medical support of the world surfing tour in Spain.
Most of the interventions consisted of physiotherapy sessions before and after each sleeve to improve the physical condition of the athletes, as well as medical assistance for minor injuries and wounds.
During the event, Vithas made a wide deployment on social networks and on the stage of the event to disseminate health advice especially focused on surfers.

Vithas professionals attended 139 surfers during the celebration of Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas (Tenerife), an event included in the World Surf League (WSL) that was held between days 3 and 9 of this month in the mentioned beach of Tenerife with the participation of 112 men and 57 women surfers from 20 countries.

Most of the interventions consisted of physiotherapy sessions before and after the heats to tune up the physical state of the athletes, whose musculoskeletal structure sometimes suffers from this highly demanding competition.

Fortunately, no athlete suffered serious injuries, so medical assistance was limited to minor injuries and wounds that were treated at the same Vithas advanced medical post and did not require transfer to the hospital.

The Vithas Group is the official medical support of the three WSL events that are held in Spain after the agreement reached with the Spanish company Classic Surf Pro. Thus, the Spanish health group of reference is responsible for taking care of the health of the hundreds of international men and women surfers who will compete in the Spanish circuit. The next two tests will be in Zarautz (Guipúzcoa), from April 15 to 19, and Pantín (A Coruña), between August 17 and 23.

Being a highly demanding competition, Vithas deploys a team of qualified professionals in each Spanish stage of the World Surf League. For 12 hours a day, it is set up an advanced health post at the beach, consisting of a doctor, a nurse, two physiotherapists and two emergency technicians. It also highlights an ambulance with vital support in anticipation of an urgent transfer.

Seek the best patient experience

Throughout the competition, Vithas made a wide deployment in social networks with the hashtag #CuidamosTuPasión to disseminate healthy living and fitness tips especially aimed at surf lovers, whether professionals or amateurs.

There were also celebrated various informative activities at the Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas site itself, starring sports medicine specialists such as Dr Paloma Suárez, from Vithas Canarias, and the Basque surfer Garazi Sánchez, a benchmark of female surfing after overcoming a delicate injury of the back while practising this sport.

Vithas’s sponsorship of the World Surf League events in Spain responds to the Group’s commitment to providing the best patient experience beyond healthcare in our network of 20 hospitals and 28 medical centres. “Sports events like this are a magnificent scenario to promote the benefits of healthy living and the values of personal effort, companionship and equality,” as Dr Pedro Rico, Vithas general director, emphasizes.

The most important world surf tour

The World Surf League (WSL), established in 1976, is the enabling platform for surfers from all over the world. The WSL is dedicated to changing the world through the inspiring power of surfing by creating authentic events, experiences and stories to inspire a growing global community to live with purpose, originality and emotion.

The WSL consists of Tours and Events, celebrating the best surfers in the world in all disciplines and organizing more than 180 world competitions annually and crowning the undisputed World Champions in all divisions.

Vithas’ commitment: accredited health quality, personal service and long-term vision

Vithas’ strategic commitment is that all health care is supported by the most prestigious international quality accreditation standards, the Joint Commission International. Only 15 prestigious hospitals in Spain have such accreditation and recognition, and three of them are part of Vithas, in Madrid, Malaga and Granada. Each year Vithas attends more than 5,200,000 times to its patients in its 20 hospitals and 28 Vithas Salud medical centres. The 48 centres are distributed throughout the national territory and include the hospitals of Alicante, Almería, Benalmádena, Castellón, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Tenerife, Vigo, Valencia and Vitoria -Gasteiz. The 28 Vithas Salud centres are located in Alicante, Elche, El Ejido, Fuengirola, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga, Nerja, Pontevedra, Rincon de la Victoria, Sanxenxo, Seville, Torre del Mar, Torremolinos, Vilagarcía de Arousa, and Vitoria-Gasteiz. Vithas additionally has more than 300 extraction points distributed throughout Spain in the Vithas Lab network of laboratories. Its PlazaSalud24 purchasing centre, a reference in the sector, serves 39 hospitals, 35 medical centres and 20 dental clinics.

Vithas has a participation in the leading hospital project in the Balearic Islands, the Juaneda Healthcare Network, which has 5 hospitals and an extensive network of medical centres throughout the region.

Vithas ‘commitment to accredited quality healthcare and personalized service is linked to the strong support and long-term vision of Vithas’ shareholders: Goodgrower, who controls 80% of the capital, and CriteriaCaixa, with the remaining 20%.

With a growth model based on geographic diversification and sustainability, Vithas plans to continue consolidating its national presence both with the opening of new centres and through strategic acquisitions and agreements.