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WSL Longboard Tour

The supporters can watch the best riders, both in the Women’s and Men’s category, in the Longboard competition of the World Surf League (WSL), from August 28th to 31st.

This modality is characterized by the use of larger boards (LongBoard) which provides an slower surf. The surfers can ride on smaller waves and travel greater distances.

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In line with the World Surf League and Club Praia Pantín values, brand VAZVA has been the chosen one to...
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The best surfers of the World Longboard, present at the ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro

Justin Quintal, leader in the men's category, and Chloe Calmon, first ranked in the women's category, lead the list of...
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You won’t want to miss the best longboard contest of the year!

ABANCA Galicia Classic Surf Pro🔥 is excited to announce this will be the first year that Spain hosts the elite...
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Battling for Wildcards, Doniños Trials

Trials will take place on August 26th (starting at 9.00 am) and will provide  Wildcards to winners. These means that...
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