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Playa de Doniños, in Ferrol, will host the first edition of the GADIS JUNIOR PRO FERROL 2021.

The action will begin on July 22 with the Galician Trials, which will allow the first two classified in the men’s and women’s categories to compete in the main event. And on July 23 and until July 25, the World Surf League (WSL) Junior Qualifying Series championship will take place.

The GADIS JUNIOR PRO FERROL 2021 will thus bring together more than 110 international junior surfers, in both male and female categories, on Playa de Doniños, one of the largest reference beaches in Europe for surfing.

This year, private entities and public institutions will make possible the development of this event, the first of the World Surf League (WSL) held in Ferrol, and which consolidates the image of Galicia as a preferred destination for surfing and international sport.