A wave of ‘ten’ for the Frenchman Kepa Housset-Ezponda in Razo


September 22, Razo (A Coruña).- It is not usual but it does happen from pampas to surfers and skaters. French Basque surfer Kepa Housset-Ezponda surfs ten waves on his sleeve, during high tide, on the second day of the Cabreiroá Junior Razo-Caion competition on Razo beach on Sunday.

The competition was put on hold for tomorrow’s polo forte tuesday and renewed at 3:30 p.m. in the men’s category to complete rounds 64 and 32.

Long waves of dereitas reforming before the beach and leaving the breasts a few meters from the public that during the afternoon, and lively pole sun that made its way in three, came to the Carballo area to witness the championship of the European junior crown two and as best surfers from Europe at the last stop of the WSL (World Surf League) circuit.

In the men’s category, Matías Canhoto, and Moisés Domínguez were eliminated, this one for only one tenth in the last second of the race while Noa Dupoy, Thomas Ledee and Sam Piter, completed the procedure with quality and skill and remain ahead in the face-to-face competition 16th Saturday 23rd.

In the evening you will see the first two days of concerts by Razo Sound, with live music and a custom-made stage to host the performances of Praia Desmaio, Avocado and Superfuzz


During the summer day, a group of 40 schoolchildren from the Artai de Razo (Carballo) concerted school, accompanied by their teachers. They went to the beach to witness the championship and see the facilities and the excitement of the WSL event.

The only stop on the junior circuit of the world surf league for under 21 athletes was a few meters from their classrooms and they did not want to miss the opportunity to see live the best junior surfers in Europe, accompanied by 150 boys and girls of similar sizes. more suas

At the direction of the quixo center, for this success, encourage the concern of two young people in sports based on an egalitarian event, of high sporting excellence and that is exponent of a lifestyle in contact with nature and that promotes environmental respect.

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